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BCP0289 Perindopril Erbumine(Aceon)
Perindopril Erbumine (Aceon) is a potent ACE inhibitor with IC50 of 1.05 nM.
BCP0108 Rivaroxaban(Xarelto)
A novel, oral, direct Factor Xa (FXa) inhibitor in late-stage development for the prevention and treatment of thromboembolic disorders.
BCP0136 VX702
VX-702, one of a series of second-generation, orally active p38 MAP kinase inhibitors, for the potential treatment of inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.
BCP0157 Prasugrel
Prasugrel is a novel platelet inhibitor used for the reduction of thrombotic cardiovascular events (including stent thrombosis) in patients with acute coronary syndrome who are to be managed with PCI.
BCP0204 Dalcetrapib(JTT-705)
JTT-705 (Dalcetrapib) is a CETP inhibitor.Inhibition of CETP is a target to increase HDL-cholesterol and potentially reduce atherosclerosis.
BCP0298 Glucagon Hydrochloride(GlucaGen)
Glucagon, a peptide hormone secreted by the pancreas, raises blood glucose levels.
BCP0311 Irbesartan(Avapro)
Irbesartan (Avapro, SR-47436, BMS-186295) is a highly potent and specific angiotensin II type 1 (AT1) receptor antagonist with IC50 of 1.3 nM.
BCP0383 Reserpine
Reserpine is an indole alkaloid antipsychotic and antihypertensive drug that has been used for the control of high blood pressure and for the relief of psychotic symptoms.
BCP0416 Benazepril hydrochloride
Benazepril is a medication used to treat high blood pressure.
BCP0421 Bimatoprost
Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analog used topically (as eye drops) to control the progression of glaucoma and in the management of ocular hypertension.
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