BCP01255's Information

CAS NO. 220127-57-1 structure
Product Name Imatinib mesylate
Synonyms STI-571
Formula C29H31N7O.CH4O3S
Molecular Weight 589.71
Spec / Purity 98%
Supply Capacity can supply large quantity in kgs scale
Product Description Imatinib mesylate is a small molecule that inhibits the c-Abl protein-tyrosine kinase, a kinase specifically important for proliferation of chronic myelogenous leukemia .
Details In vitro assays for inhibition of a panel of tyrosine and serine/threonine protein kinases show that Imatinib inhibits the v-Abl tyrosine kinase and PDGFR potently with an IC50 of 0.6 and 0.1 μM, respectively. Imatinib inhibits the SLF-dependent activation of wild-type c-kit kinase activity with a IC50 for these effects of approximately 0.1 μM, which is similar to the concentration required for inhibition of PDGFR. Imatinib exhibits growth-inhibitory activity on the human bronchial carcinoid ce

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Cell Cycle/Checkpoint
Angiogenesis/Tyrosine Kinase
Apoptosis Pathway
Aurora/Ksp Pathway
MAPK Pathway
Hormone Pathay
Proteases/HSP90/HSP70 Pathway
Wnt/Hedgehog/Notch Pathway
Jak/Stat Pathway
Ca/cAMP/Lipid Signaling Pathway
Neuro Signaling Pathway
TGF-beta/Smad Signaling Pathway
GPCR Pathway
Ion channel Pathway
Cytochrome P450 Pathway
Others Pathway