Product Pathways
BCP0004 Gefitinib
Gefitinib was found to be a potent inhibitor of EGFR kinase.
BCP0006 GSK1904529A
GSK1904529A is a selective inhibitor of IGF-IR and IR with IC50 of 27 nM and 25 nM, respectively.
BCP0012 ABT-869(Linifanib)
ABT-869 is multi-targeted in that it is a potent inhibitor of all members of the VEGF and PDGF receptor families.
BCP0016 AG-490
AG490 is a member of the tryphostin family of tyrosine kinase inhibitors.
BCP0017 AT9283
AT9283 is a potent pan-Aurora inhibitor for Aurora A, Aurora B, JAK3, JAK2 and Abl with IC50 of 3 nM, 3 nM, 1.1 nM, 1.2 nM and 4 nM, respectively.
BCP0018 Axitinib
a small molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitor under development by Pfi
BCP0019 AZD0530
The effect of AZD0530, a dually active inhibitor of c-Src and Bcr-ABL, on bone resorption, has been tested in a Phase I clinical trials with promising results.
BCP0029 BIBF1120
BIBF 1120 is an indolinone derivative potently blocking VEGF receptor (VEGFR), PDGFR and FGFR kinase activity in enzymatic assays (IC50, 20-100 nmol/L).
BCP0097 PF-2341066,Crizotinib
PF-2341066 (Crizotinib) is a potent inhibitor of c-Met and ALK with IC50 of 11 nM and 24 nnM, respectivley.
BCP0099 Danusertib(PHA-739358)
Danusertib (PHA-739358) is an Aurora inhibitor for Aurora A/B/C, Bcr-Abl, c-RET and FGFR with IC50 of 13 nM/79 nM/61 nM, 25 nM, 31 nM and 47 nM, respectively.
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