Product Pathways
BCP0524 LY 333531
Orally active protein kinase C beta (PKCβ) specific inhibitor.
BCP000604 SGI1776
SGI-1776, a member of the imidazo[1,2-b]pyridazine chemical class, was selected for its ability to exploit an extended ATP-binding and solvent pocket.
BCP001050 Chelerythrine Chloride
BCP001416 SGI1776
BCP001640 SMI4a
A selective, ATP-competitive inhibitor Pim-1 (IC耠 = 21 nM) and Pim-2 (IC耠 = 100 nM) protein kinases.
BCP0007452 Devapamil
BCP0007508 (S)-(+)-methyl B-hydroxyisobutyrate
BCP0007862 pkc412
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