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BCP0050 Docetaxel(Taxotere)
Docetaxel (Taxotere) is an microtubule disassembly inhibitor with IC50 of a range of 0.31-100 ηM.
BCP0088 Paclitaxel (Taxol)
Paclitaxel (Taxol, Onxol, Nov-Onxol) is a microtubule polymer stabilizer with IC50 of 0.1 pM in human endothelial cells.
BCP0388 ABT-751
ABT-751 is a bioavailable antimitotic sulfonamide agent that binds
BCP000603 CYT997
CYT997, a synthetic small molecule optimized for antiproliferative activity in a panel of cell-based assays.
BCP000635 Vinflunine Tartrate
Vinflunine Tartrate is a tartrate salt of vinflunine that is a new microtubule inhibitor with IC50 of 18.8 nM.
BCP000676 Combretastatin A4 disodium phosphate
Combretastatin-A4 Prodrug Induces Mitotic Catastrophe in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cell Line Independent of Caspase Activation and Pol
BCP000723 Epothilone B
Microtubule stabilization agent that promotes tubulin polymerization and induces G2-M cell cycle arrest (EC50 = 3 - 92 nM).
BCP000989 Epothilone A
BCP000990 Vincristine Sulfate
BCP001220 vincristine
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