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BCP0114 SB431542
Potent and selective inhibitor of the transforming growth factor-ß (TGF-ß) type I receptor activin receptor-like kinase ALK5 (IC50 = 94 nM), and its relatives ALK4 and ALK7.
BCP0321 Copper Peptide(GHK-Cu)
Copper Peptide (GHK-Cu), at concentrations of 1 nM, reduces fibroblast secretion of TGF-beta.
BCP0487 LY2157299
Orally active transforming growth factor beta receptor (TGF-βR) kinase inhibitor.
BCP0529 SD 208
Potent, orally active ATP-competitive transforming growthPotent, orally active ATP-competitive transforming growth factor-β receptor 1 (TGF-βRI) inhibitor
BCP000953 LY2109761
LY2109761, a novel transforming growth factor beta receptor type I and type II dual inhibitor, as a therapeutic approach to suppressing pancreatic cancer metastasis.
BCP001324 GW788388
BCP0007106 A771726
Inhibits the activity of dihydrorotate dehydrogenase and of protein tyrosine kinases.
BCP0008318 ACE-536
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