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BCP0422 Biperiden hydrochloride
Biperiden is an antiparkinsonian agent of the anticholinergic type.
BCP0456 Pyridostigmine Bromide
Pyridostigmine Bromide(Mestinon) is a parasympathomimetic and a reversible cholinesterase inhibitor.
BCP0520 Donepezil hydrochloride
Donepezil is a potent acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.
BCP0532 Varenicline
Varenicline (trade name Chantix in the USA and Champix in Canada, Europe and other countries, marketed by Pfizer, usually in the form of varenicline tartrate), is a prescription medication used to treat smoking addiction. Varenicline stimulates nicotine receptors more weakly than nicotine does, that is, it is a nicotinic receptor partial agonist.
BCP001146 PNU282987
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