Product Pathways
BCP0290 Aztreonam(Azactam, Cayston)
Aztreonam(Azactam, Cayston) is a synthetic monocyclic beta-lactam antibiotic.
BCP0292 Cefepime(Maxipime)
Cefepime is a fourth-generation cephalosporin antibiotic.
BCP0294 Natamycin(Pimaricin)
Natamycin(Pimaricin) is a naturally occurring antifungal agent.
BCP0101 Pimecrolimus
Inhibitor of inflammatory cytokine secretion.
BCP0104 pp60 c-src (521-533)
SRC kinase inhibitor
BCP0105 PTC-124(Ataluren)
PTC124 also known as Ataluren is CFTR-G542X nonsense allele inhibitor.
BCP0109 Roscovitine
Roscovitine is a potent and selective inhibitor of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK).
BCP0120 SRT1720
SRT1720 is a selective SIRT1 activator with EC1.5 of 0.16 μM.
BCP0121 STF-62247
STF-62247 is selectively toxic and growth inhibitory to renal cells lacking VHL.
BCP0038 BTZ043
BTZ043 mainly targets the enzyme decaprenylphosphoryl-b-D-ribose 2’-epimerase. Inhibition of this enzymatic activity abolishes the formation of decaprenylphosphoryl arabinose, a key precursor that is required for the synthesis of the cell-wall arabinans, thus provoking cell lysis and bacterial death.
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