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BCP0025 AZD6244(Selumetinib)
A novel inhibitor of MEK1/2 kinases.
BCP0043 CI-1040
CI 1040 is a highly potent ATP-noncompetitive MEK inhibitor which inhibits MEK with an in vitro IC50 of 1-1.3 nM.
BCP0091 PD-0325901
PD0325901 is non-competitive with ATP and is exquisitely specific and highly potent against purified MEK, exhibiting a Kiapp of 1 nM against activated MEK1 and MEK2.
BCP0129 U0126
U0126 is a highly selective inhibitor of both MEK1 and MEK2, a type of MAPK/ERK kinase.
BCP0145 BIX02188
BIX02188 is a potent and selective inhibitor of MEK5.
BCP0225 D87503
D-87503, shows an IC50 value of 760nM for Erk2 and 62nM for PI3K respectively.
BCP0539 BIX02189
BIX02189 is a selective MEK5/ERK5 inhibitor.
BCP000582 PD318088
a non-ATP competitive allosteric MEK1/2 inhibitor,7G in stock,Purity:99%
BCP000741 Trametinib;GSK1120212
An orally bioavailable inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase.
BCP000745 PD98059
Specific inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MAPKK / MEK).
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