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BCP0003 GDC-0879
A highly selective,orally bioavailable B-Raf inhibitor.
BCP0021 17-DMAG
17-DMAG (Alvespimycin, KOS-1022, NSC 707545) is a potent HSP90 inhibitor with IC50 of 62 nM.
BCP0022 17AAG;Tanespimycin
17AAG is a less toxic analogue of the geldanamycin which binds to Hsp90.
BCP0103 PLX4720
PLX-4720 is a B-raf inhibitor with IC50 of 160 nM.
BCP0052 Elesclomol
Elesclomol (STA-4783) is a novel potent oxidative stress inducer that illicits pro-apoptosis events among tumor cells.
BCP0081 NVP-AUY922
NVP-AUY922 (VER-52296) is a highly potent HSP90 inhibitor for HSP90α and HSP90β with IC50 of 13 nM and 21 nM, respectively.
BCP0236 SB590885(GSK2118436)
SB590885 is a potent B-Raf inhibitor with Ki of 0.16 nM.
BCP0385 17-DMAG
17-DMAG, a watersoluble geldanamycin analog belonging to the class of benzoquinones, is a selective Hsp90 inhibitor.
BCP0410 Atazanavir(BMS-232632)
Atazanavir (Reyataz, BMS-232632) is an antiretroviral drug of the protease inhibitor (PI) class.
BCP0415 BAY73-4506(Regorafenib)
BAY 73-4506 is an orally bioavailable multikinase inhibitor targeting both the tumor and its vasculature.
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