Product Pathways
Pharmaceutical Chemicals Procurement Specialist
Job Description:
1, Responsible for the fine chemical, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and special chemicals purchase,custom processing business;
2,Suppliers screening, assessment, and to explore core suppliers and establish a good relationship;
For requirements:
1, Organic chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and other related professionals, university degree or above, or relevant industry working experience;
2, Honest, self-motivated, responsible, have good communication skills;
3, Laboratory work experience is preferred.
4, Female priority

Japanese Foreign Trade Specialist:
Job Description:
1, According to the Japanese market, develops the terminal customers and trading company
2,In view of the Japanese market,research the Japanese related B2B platform and do professional web promotion
3, Looking for distributors in Japan
Job Requirements:
1, Fluent in Japanese,have the ability to conduct basic communication
with Japanese customers
2, Higher emotional quotient (eq), good at to build a good relationship with customers and win customer trust
3, Relevant industry experience and female priority
4 College degree or above
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