Cas No.Product NameDescription
152044-54-7Epothilone BEpothilone B (EPO906, Patupilone) is a Taxol-like microtubule-stabilizing agent with EC0.01 of 1.8 μM.
630420-16-5BMS 650032Asunaprevir is an inhibitor of the viral enzyme serine protease HCV NS3.
114977-28-5DocetaxelDocetaxel, an analog of taxol, is an inhibitor of depolymerisation of microtubules by binding to stabilized microtubules.
33069-62-4PaclitaxelxPaclitaxel is a microtubule polymer stabilizer with IC50 of 0.1 pM in human endothelial cells.
2068-78-2Vincristine Vincristine is an inhibitor of polymerization of microtubules by binding to tubulin with IC50 of 32 μM.
26807-65-8IndapamideIndapamide is a non-thiazide sulphonamide diuretic compound, generally used in the treatment of hypertension, as well as decompensated cardiac failure.
125317-39-7Vinorelbine tartrateVinorelbine Tartrate is a semi-synthetic vinca alkaloid, and inhibits mitosis through interaction with tubulin.
1041434-82-5Peramivir trihydratePeramivir Trihydrate is a trihydrate of the anti-infection agent Peramivir Trihydrate which is a transition-state analogue and a potent, specific influenza viral neuraminidase inhibitor with an IC50 of median 0.09 nM.The IC50 for Peramivir Trihydrate is markedly lower than that for either zanamivir or oseltamivir.
187227-45-8OSELTAMIVIR ACIDOseltamivir(GS 4104; GOP-A-Flu; GS 4104; Tamiflu-Free; Tamvir) is an antiviral drug. GS 4104; GOP-A-Flu; GS 4104; Tamiflu-Free; Tamvir slows the spread of influenza (flu) virus between cells in the body by stopping the virus from chemically cutting ties with its host cell; median time to symptom alleviation is reduced by 0.5–1 day.
189453-10-9Epothilone DEpothilone D is a natural polyketide compound isolated from the myxobacterium Sorangium cellulosum. Also known as desoxyepothilone B, epothilone D binds to tubulin and inhibits the disassembly of microtubules, resulting in the inhibition of mitosis, cellular proliferation, and cell motility.
118292-41-4AGN 190299The principle active metabolite
136470-78-5AbacavirIC50 Value: 0.26 microM for HIV-1Abacavir,(-)-(1S,4R)-4-[2-amino-6-(cyclopropylamino)-9H-purin-9-yl]-2-cyclopentene-1-methanol, is a novel purine carbocyclic nucleoside analogue that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of HIV (as Ziagen trade mark [abacavir sulfate]).
1431612-23-5UNC-1999UNC1999 was the first orally bioavailable EZH2 inhibitor .
218156-96-8SRPIN340SRPIN340 is a serine/arginine-rich protein kinase -specific inhibitor with an IC50 value of 0.89 uM .
147511-69-1PitavastatinPitavastatin (NK-104) is a potent HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, Pitavastatin inhibited cholesterol synthesis from acetic acid with an IC50 of 5.8 nM in a human liver cancer cell line (HepG2).
1320288-17-2UNC0646Potent and selective inhibitor of the homologous protein lysine methyltransferases, G9a and GLP (IC50 values are 6 nM and 15 nM for G9a and GLP, respectively).
127373-66-4SivelestatSivelestat(ONO5046; LY544349; EI546) is a competitive inhibitor of human neutrophil elastase(IC50 = 44 nM; Ki=200 nM); also inhibited leukocyte elastase obtained from rabbit, rat, hamster and mouse.
923590-37-8MK7009vaniprevir (MK-7009) has good plasma exposure and excellent liver exposure in multiple species.
223104-29-8SEA0400SEA0400, a specific Na+/Ca2+ exchange (NCX) inhibitor, prevents dopaminergic neurotoxicity in an MPTP mouse model of Parkinson's disease and attenuates reperfusion injury in the in vitro and in vivo cerebral ischemic models.
1233948-35-0ELR510444ELR510444 is a novel microtubule disruptor; inhibits MDA-MB-231 cell proliferation with IC50 of 30.9 nM; not a substrate for the P-glycoprotein drug transporter and retains activity in βIII-tubulin-overexpressing cell lines.

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