Cas No.Product NameDescription
196597-26-9RamelteonRamelteon is a novel melatonin receptor agonist for human MT1 and MT2 receptors and chick forebrain melatonin receptors with Ki of 14 pM, 112 pM and 23.1 pM, respectively.
685847-78-3PX478PX-478 is HIF-1alpha inhibitor, is also an orally active small molecule with potential antineoplastic activity.
545380-34-5 QNZ QNZ inhibits the activation of the transcription factor NF-κB and has been used to investigate NF-κB signaling.
1228585-88-3GS9620GS-9620 is a potent and selective orally active small molecule agonist of Toll-like receptor 7(TLR-7) in chimpanzees with chronic HBV infection.
701213-36-7BMS-626529BMS-626529 is a novel small-molecule attachment inhibitor that targets HIV-1 gp120 and prevents its binding to CD4+ T-cells.
206184-49-8Tenofovir hydrateTenofovir(GS 1278, PMPA) is an antiretroviral drug known as nucleotide analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs), which block reverse transcriptase, a crucial virus enzyme in HIV-1 and HBV.
864953-29-7BMS 663068BMS-663068 is an HIV-1 attachment inhibitor in development for the treatment of HIV-1 infection.
20324-87-2AMI-1AMI-1 is a potent, cell-permeable compound which inhibits protein arginine N-methyltransferases (PRMTs), including human PRMT1 (IC50 = 8.8μM) and yeast-Hmt1p (IC50 = 3.0μM), by blocking peptide-substrate binding.
927822-86-4KC7F2KC7F2 is a potent HIF-1 pathway inhibitor and that its potential as a cancer therapy agent warrants further study.
960539-70-2DaprodustatDaprodustat (GSK1278863) is a HIF-prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor.
890190-22-4WDR5 0103WDR5-0103 is a potent and selective WD repeat-containing protein 5 (WDR5) antagonist with Kd of 450 nM.

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Angiogenesis/Tyrosine Kinase
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